May 24, 2011


I attended my first Zumba class this evening at the local community center. I thought that I should see what this new aerobic craze entailed. 2 weeks ago, after a swim with Noelle, I could hear the thump of music resonating through the locker room walls. After getting dressed, I followed the music to an overcrowded gym... that is not an understatement. An estrogen filled room, ages 12 to 82, were sweating and gyrating their hips to the beat. Any workout that would gather such a crowd must be the most thrilling workout.. I needed to try it.. Babysitter check, spandex, check, water bottle, check, hip thrusting capability... uhhhh. I used to dance, I thought that I could ease right into this popular class, boy was I wrong!!! I started out confident, music was good, the instructor gave a great pep talk. E.A.S.Y. (keep in mind I used to be certified to teach aerobics) The music began. What the heck!! I like to dance but 60 minutes of pelvic thrusting and hip gyrations are better left to yourself or your hubby. I can appreciate how everyone was feeling the music, and trying to better themselves through exercise. Apparently I didn't realize that I am white and lets face it my hips can't "get low on the flo" get low on the flo".  At 25 years old,  I nearly threw out my back.  I think it is great exercise. I was ready to die 30 minutes in. I just don't feel like spreading eagle, while squatting, aggressively circling my hips, while waving my arms in the air... all the while, from the second level 5 teenage boys 7 children and 2 sets of old people are watching you... not me specifically, let be honest here,... but watching the crowd. I would like to blame the instructor for her latino/islander heritage, her perfectly swiveling hips and effortless moves. She made it look so easy. Not even breaking a sweat. I actually thought that I might be dancing just like her until I realized that there wasn't a single mirror on any of the walls and my fellow classmates looked as ridiculous as I felt. I am not going to say I won't attend again, I feel like a burned a few billion calories, which I ate back.... thanks cold stone leftovers but, I will say that I will be practicing my moves in a full length mirror before I return.

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