September 21, 2011

4 years!!!!

Married 4 years! One thing I have learned since September 21st, 2007 is that Chris and I may not agree on everything, but we love each other and we know how to have fun.
Chris always does our anniversary in style. This year we stayed at the Grand Lodge in Brian head. It was soooo fun!

September 17, 2011

Month 20

 Noelle, you are definitely a toddler now. As I sit on the living room floor folding your clothes, I can't believe how big both you and your clothes are getting. I want to pull out your 6 month onsies in hopes that you would still fit in them. You are tall, as always, and your sun-kissed hair is filling in more everyday... note I didn't say getting longer. It's not, but we just glad that you have hair at all.  You have the sweetest little curls, that have as much personality as you do. Uncle Sean calls you candy floss. When you get older you can ask him why. 
You have tons of teeth now. Molars are almost in and you have your front chompers, which come in handy for a good laugh when biting mommy's or daddy's finger.  Daily, Daddy and I are realizing how much you mimic what we say and do. Let's just say you make us want to be better people. 
You are a very well behaved girl, but when you act up you have to go to the naughty place ( a mat on the floor of the entry). You actually stay on it! Sometimes you lay, or sit, or stand... usually while crying, but you don't leave the mat. You seriously amaze me. After time out, we talk and give hugs and all is well. Lately you have been putting your toys in time out and telling them to "stay!" Last week I found your baby doll propped up perfectly on that little mat. I laughed... then took a picture.
Lots has changed in our lives, lately. We are in the new house, I went back to work this month, and you started at daycare "Miss Amy's". I was incredibly nervous, but you ABSOLUTELY love it. You love all the other children and have made a few friends. You have transitioned incredibly well and honestly seem happier to have all the social interaction. After I pick you up, we go home and snuggle on the couch... it's my favorite time of day. 

I took this video of you this month and thought it encompassed your personality perfectly! You make me laugh. 

We spent most of the month in Salt Lake. We stayed at Mimi and Papi's house.  Let's just say there was no shortage of Noelle attention. Everyone is just gaga for you. You truly light up everyone's world. You are happy, smart, silly, independent, and incredibly loving. We all love you so much!

Now onto your favorite things...

 -Jump Jump (trampoline)
-The play house Mimi bought for you. You have recently re-decorated the place with sidewalk chalk.
-Mimi's Chickens... if the chickens had a favorite things list too, you would be on it. They follow you everywhere.
Finding Nemo, you talk to the tv. "Oh no meemo!!!"
Mini strollers and babies (walking, feeding, or putting the babies to bed)
- Driving the Sea Doo. You get upset if I touch the handle "No No!"
Play with sand, dirt, or rocks.

Can't wait to see what next month brings!

September 14, 2011

Me A to Z

A. age :: twenty six

B. bed size :: king.

C. chore you hate :: cleaning the bathrooms

D. dogs :: none... allergic

E. essential start to your day :: morning snuggle time with my baby girl

F. favorite color :: coral and teal... and green (I love colors).

G. gold or silver :: hmmmm both!.

H. height :: five.feet.four, on a good day

I. instruments you play :: attempted violin, piano, and guitar 

J. job title :: mama, Speech-Language Technician, wife, sister, daughter.

K. kids :: Noelle

L. live :: St. George, Utah

M. maiden name :: Root

N. nicknames :: tater, george, smashley 

O. overnight hospital stays :: many visits, but only one overnight, when I had Noelle!

P. pet peeve :: When people cut in line 

Q. quote :: "I can do hard things."

R. righty or lefty :: right

S. siblings :: older sister, Tiffany, and younger sister, Jessica

T. time you wake up :: 6:30

U. university attended :: Utah State University and University of Utah

V. vegetables you dislike: string beans

W. what makes you run late :: everything and anything

X. x-rays you’ve had :: Does that include MRI's and Cat scans?... to many

Y. yummy food :: Baked goods and sushi

Z. zoo animal favorite :: elephants and zebras

September 5, 2011

Chris's B Day Weekend

Chris's Birthday Weekend! He turned the big 29. We headed up North to visit family and escape the heat. Chris's family had some fun filled days for us. 

Day 1: Pine View

 That evening we went to Chris's 10 year reunion. It was great to get a glimpse of who he was in high school.  He is still as friendly and likable as ever.

Day 2:  Snow Basin for an outdoor concert and party!

My sweet mother- in-law let me borrow all of her gear so Gary, my father-in-law, could take me for a ride on his harly. I am not sure if I am a "biker chick", but I do know that you can't beat a ride to snow basin in perfect weather... I could get used to this.

I do look a little awkward on that thing.... (scoff) rookie!

The fam at the outdoor concert.

Noelle taking Grandpa for a walk.

Both of their favorite pass-times.

 Birthday Party!!!
So handsome!!! and that old man is all mine. Look at all those candles.

The entire family turned out for the event. So wonderful! We spent the evening swapping Chris stories and roasting marshmallows. perfect!