July 19, 2011

Month 18

Already 18 months! We'll eat a cupcake to that!

My how the days fly by. 18 months has brought more sass and independence to our little ham. You love to brush your own teeth... which means you love to suck the toothpaste off then ask for "mo peez".  You would do everything on your own if you could;  hold a glass of water, unload the dishwasher, put on your own sunscreen. You seem like a little adult with your mannerisms and facial expressions, not to mention the perfect conversational jibber jabber. Without understanding a single word, we know exactly what you are saying. Your eyebrows alone could say a hundred things. I smile every time I think about it.

This month we were able to visit California twice, meaning lots of beach time! You are getting better at playing in the sand, yet you still can't stand your hands being dirty or sticky. You love running from the waves and watching other kids play. You are definitely making friends and remembering them... most of them boys. You light up and squeal when you see them, and usually give an un-reciprocated hug.  You rough house with your little buddies and sometimes get a little too feisty, even for them. You are quick to give loves and kisses if they are sad or hurt. Muaaahh!!! Sometimes if they are lucky they will get a fishy kiss, but those are mainly saved for good-nights or goodbyes and no one in the room is exempt from your loves. You make sure you haven't left anyone out... even new acquaintances.

You have mastered the word no and use it often, mainly on the play ground or at gym daycare. A big dislike this month... you hate when the sun shines in your little hazel eyes. When we are in the car and sunlight just happens to creep across your face, you will yell, giving the sun a harsh reprimand... "No no no no, jibber jabber, jibber jabber, scream... no no no no no!!  (all while covering your eyes and pointing at the sun). I can't help but laugh as I watch the whole scene go down.

I have noticed this month that you have no problem standing up for yourself, I can respect that... it's a jungle out there, especially in gym daycare. Yet, you are incredibly obedient and mind both Dad and I very well. You are such a good girl.  You are our best friend. We have so much fun with you everyday and you never stop making us laugh. We get excited when you wake up in the morning and miss you after we put you to bed. Our world revolves around you. We talk about going on a date night alone and opt to have you join because we would rather have you there.

A few of your favorite things:

- Dogs, any kind, but your favorite is Ellie, and you are hers... When you nap at Mimi's she waits right outside the door, and when you awaken she is never far away.
-Blankie and Binki. Yep the are still around and in high demand. That magic combo can calm your nerves in seconds.
- frozen go-gurts... to help with teething (which is in full force right now)
- avocados
- Swimming at the community center
-Feeding the chickens at Mimi and Papi's house
- and, as usual, your aunt Tiffany, you are two peas in a pod!

July 15, 2011

California... July.

I know that we just got back from Southern California, but at home it is over 100 degrees everyday and after getting a taste of the perfect Cali weather, we had to go back... oh yeah and Chris had a business trip planned in Irvin.

Our little mazda hatchback drove to cali with all the BMW and Mercedes, we fit right in... ;) We stayed in a hotel right across from John Wayne airport. It had a beautiful pool with cabanas, so beautiful I guess that they were shooting a movie there during our stay. I walked out to read a book while Noelle was sleeping. There was yellow tape everywhere and a crowd. After watching the Cali news everynight, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was a murder, but nay only a low budget film. 
Noelle and I played during the day and Chris joined us in the evening. We had so much fun!

Dinner at Laguna Beach... High Tide.

Day 2: Orange County Zoo and Rainforest Cafe

 Noelle and I had a picnic while at the zoo, and a little friend wanted to join us. This peacock really was too close for comfort, but it make for some fun photos.

Goat Petting Zoo
She loved being able to touch the goats. We had come here once before, but she wasn't old enough to really enjoy the experience.

She brushed their fur, gave them kisses (literally), and poked their eyes... "eye" poke... The goats didn't even move, they must do this all day.

Besides poking the goats eyes, Noelle was really sweet with them. She would put her hands on either side of their faces and talk to them so intently. At least one of them is having a good time.

At the park/zoo there was a pond where you could rent paddle boats, we decided to watch for a minute.

That night we went hung out at Disney Downtown... Disneyland feel without the Disneyland price. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Noelle's feelings mirror my own.. the wait was too long.  

Day 3: Salt Creek Beach

Her beach buddy, Jax, collecting rocks.

She still hates sandy hands.
That night we had dinner at the Copes house. Always fun!

Day 4: Headed Home

We did a little shopping on our way out of town. Noelle must be spotting a sale.. or a bird.

Parking in California is never cheap. This is our accumulated parking passes/receipts for the trip.
Another wonderful visit to California, hopefully it won't be too long before we return.

July 9, 2011

Birthday # 26!

What a Wonderful Day!
Breakfast at Bishop's
Swings in the AM
Nap.... for me and Noelle
BBQ/Sprinkler Party with the cousins
Late night movie
L.O.V.E it!

Layla and Maya

Before and After.... You had to be there, it was amazing.

Hang out with yourself... I promise you will like the company.

It's my birthday tomorrow and I guess you could say (thanks to the marriage CD's) that I am not "owning my expectations".  I thought that we were planning to leave to So Cal tomorrow morning... on my b day, so I planned festivities for this evening (notice the bolded I). Those being dinner, maybe a movie, nothing big.  Well, we weren't able to get a babysitter, Chris got home later from work, and he had a killer head ache. The evening had not even begun and we were already off to a bad start. after resting for a bit, Chris insisted we at least go to dinner... I was thinking sushi, but we did the next best thing jimmy johns!  Noelle danced to the louder than needed restaurant music while eating her sandwich, as she always does. I secretly hoped the Jimmy Johns employees were looking so they too could see how darling Noelle was, well at least I think she was.  
We swung by the movie theater to see if we could catch a movie that would coincide somewhat with Noelle's sleep schedule... Nope. At this point I knew that even with me planning the b day activities, It wasn't going the way I had intended.... no biggy, really. (insert disagreement here) More or less, I told daddy he was in charge, mommy was having a night out. Which Chris was fine with.

Normally I would have called a friend or one of my sisters. Or I would have just driven to my parent's house to relax, but here in St. George we don't know very many people. My one friend... and when I say one friend, I mean one.... My one friend was in Las Vegas for the weekend (Her husband had taken her there for her bday (which was yesterday) to relax and have a shopping spree while G ma watched the baby... Try to beat that Chris! hahaha)
I decided to kick it solo.
Own my expectations, right?
I had the best night ever!!!! It started off at TJ Max. First the jewelry counter. L.O.V.E! I bought a DKNY watch for $25 and a killer floral top, anyways. It was wonderful to be able to shop without any distractions. Noelle goes everywhere with me... She truly is my little friend and I love her so, but hauling around a 27 lb cutie in 100+ degree weather, isn't very easy (insert thought... just wait until you have 4 kids). I spent some time and some money there, then headed to a movie. I had never been to a movie by myself. I have always wanted to go, but the circumstances never permitted.  A massive storm was rolling in and the sunset was spectacular. I arrived,  Larry Crowne it was. I treated myself to a large Dr. Pepper and while waiting for the previous movie to get out I made conversation with the concessions girl, the floor sweeper girl, a random couple on a date night, and the ticket guy. I am obviously a stay at home mom and a social one at that. I will talk to anyone who will listen.
I didn't mind being alone... rather refreshing. I got the best seat in the house.  I would say that we should go to a movie alone together sometime, but that would defeat the point. 
Can I just say "What a darling movie"! Very enjoyable. I laughed out loud many times. A sweet and feel good movie. The best part of the night was walking outside and seeing the wet pavement and feeling the cool breeze. The smell was fantastic! The smell of the desert after it rains is indescribable. It was dark and quiet. I would say it was almost a spiritual moment. I realized that I am not taking the time to remember me. Every thought and action I have is for either Chris or Noelle and I have lost something. It is almost as if I am renewed by spending a few hours just hanging out. Ready for a new week. I thought I had done right today by painting my toe nails, but really it is more then that. It's taking time to be you, who is wonderful, even when it is 4:30 pm and you are still in your work out clothes and haven't gone to the gym. It set my mind straight. I returned to a quiet home... ssshhh. All is right in the world. Keep in mind I had a large Dr. Pepper and finished it. Zinggggg!!! Which brings me to this late night posting. The moral of the story. Hang out with yourself, I promise you will like the company.

July 4, 2011

4th of July... it's the most wonderful time of the year

The 4th of July is the perfect holiday. Not only do we celebrate the wonderful country we live in, but we also celebrate family. The tradition is always as follows...
Breakfast at my parent's house generally with the extended family
Granite Community Parade
Swimming and BBQ at nana and papa's house

and this year it was no different. The weather was perfect, overcast and cool. My family was all there and I was excited to see Noelle enjoy the parade this year, last year she was a little young. 

The festivities begin...


Jessica and Jamie

The men in our lives... Where is Sean?

The waffle queen

I don't know who is more patriotic?

Grandma and Courtney

Cousin Alyssa

Cousin Presley
 The Parade:

Every year for the last 6 years I have taken a picture with this random dragon... The tradition lives on!

BBQ at Nana's

A little Rock Band after the BBQ:

Whammy Bar!!!!

Feeding the Chickens just before bedtime.

This is the third time Noelle has feed the chickens by hand. They now come running towards here every time she steps outside.

Which came first?

The last 3 years we have started somewhat of a new tradition. Instead of driving to a fireworks show and trying to find parking and beat the crowds, we go sit at the tables and chairs outside of Paradise bakery on State Street in Sandy. We get a late night snack at whichever restaurant is still open... this year it was Carl's JR, and watch the Sandy city fireworks from afar. It is perfect. Sean took some amazing photos that I will have to post later.

It was such an enjoyable holiday. You aren't stressed about wrapping those last minute gifts or cooking for 50 people. Just good weather, good food, and great company. Love it!