July 15, 2011

California... July.

I know that we just got back from Southern California, but at home it is over 100 degrees everyday and after getting a taste of the perfect Cali weather, we had to go back... oh yeah and Chris had a business trip planned in Irvin.

Our little mazda hatchback drove to cali with all the BMW and Mercedes, we fit right in... ;) We stayed in a hotel right across from John Wayne airport. It had a beautiful pool with cabanas, so beautiful I guess that they were shooting a movie there during our stay. I walked out to read a book while Noelle was sleeping. There was yellow tape everywhere and a crowd. After watching the Cali news everynight, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was a murder, but nay only a low budget film. 
Noelle and I played during the day and Chris joined us in the evening. We had so much fun!

Dinner at Laguna Beach... High Tide.

Day 2: Orange County Zoo and Rainforest Cafe

 Noelle and I had a picnic while at the zoo, and a little friend wanted to join us. This peacock really was too close for comfort, but it make for some fun photos.

Goat Petting Zoo
She loved being able to touch the goats. We had come here once before, but she wasn't old enough to really enjoy the experience.

She brushed their fur, gave them kisses (literally), and poked their eyes... "eye" poke... The goats didn't even move, they must do this all day.

Besides poking the goats eyes, Noelle was really sweet with them. She would put her hands on either side of their faces and talk to them so intently. At least one of them is having a good time.

At the park/zoo there was a pond where you could rent paddle boats, we decided to watch for a minute.

That night we went hung out at Disney Downtown... Disneyland feel without the Disneyland price. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Noelle's feelings mirror my own.. the wait was too long.  

Day 3: Salt Creek Beach

Her beach buddy, Jax, collecting rocks.

She still hates sandy hands.
That night we had dinner at the Copes house. Always fun!

Day 4: Headed Home

We did a little shopping on our way out of town. Noelle must be spotting a sale.. or a bird.

Parking in California is never cheap. This is our accumulated parking passes/receipts for the trip.
Another wonderful visit to California, hopefully it won't be too long before we return.

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