November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

This year I put on my first Thanksgiving. My wonderful parents, 2 sisters and their husbands came down for the feast. We cooked all day. My dad smoked the turkey... amazing! Before we knew it we were ready to eat. Yummm. I have to be honest it just isn't as good as when someone else cooks it... especially my mom.  My cousins Brittany and Allan with his 2 boys. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by family. We ate and then played... rc cars, scooter ride, 4 wheeler rides, jumping on the tramp, campfires, rockband, shooting range. Oh yeah we did it all. My family knows how to work hard and play hard. Here are the pictures to prove it. 


Chris said...

I love my family. My girls are so beautiful!!!!


Amy Kohler said...

um.. many things.
Your family rocks at having a good time.
My fave is Noelle with her face in the bowl.
She is getting so big and grown up. It's sweet and sad.
It looks like it was a warm Thanksgiving.
You are looking amazing. OH and I love that Green Sweater, SO CUTE.
I miss you. Heber misses you.

That's all. =D