August 15, 2011

Celebration of the toughest moms and summer

Yes this post is titled the celebration of the toughest moms and summer.
A few days prior to this celebration, my mom, aunt, and their two friends left to hike The Narrows, which can be difficult depending on the ever-changing terrain. My cousins, Ana and Brittany, planned a BBQ for when our valiant hikers returned. They were to complete the trip and arrive around 4 pm for the BBQ. By 7 we still had not heard from them. I was getting a little worried. and out of hunger, we ate without them. 
 It was burgers, rice, broccoli salad, chips, and SHAVED ICE!!!

My Aunt and cousins started a shaved ice company in St. George years ago. My sisters and I would visit often and occasionally help at big events. I have so many fond memories associated with this delicious dessert. I have become a shaved ice snob, demanding only real "shaved" ice and sticking my nose at those who don't have cream sauce for a topping. Ana makes em' like she used to. They were delicious. Still a fan!!!

 Layla and Maya

 Spike and Ethan
Chris just tried to have a photo op by hand feeding Collin his shaved ice... Collin didn't go for it. At least they thought it was funny. 

"Just between you and me, my straw fell on the ground twice, I licked it clean and didn't ask for a new one"- Noelle  Livin' on the edge!!
Finally, just before 8 we made contact with them. They were tired and hungry. 
We thought they deserved trophies, but we figured stickers were the next best thing.

 They look pretty awesome for just getting back from a grueling hike. Mom said she feels like she looks. I heart you mom!
After some grub and a shaved ice these girlies had a much deserved shower and hit the sack.

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