August 17, 2011

Month 19

How are we already at month 19?! Every month you amaze your Dad and I with the new and fun things you discover. We are in our new house this month and you are easily adapting to the new scenery. Your favorite spot is the cabinet under my sink in our bathroom. It is practically empty meaning you can completely close the door while inside, which makes for a fun game of peek-a-boo, but you mainly love that it is where "ma" keeps the fingernail polish.  You know the routine perfectly; pick a polish, slide your red chair in front of the tv, sit, place your toes my hands, and hold still. You always remember to blow on your wet toes to help them dry.. So cute! I sometimes find you ready and waiting without noticing that you have confiscated another one of my polishes. Any variation of pink is your usual choice.

Checking your e-mail, another one of your grown up things you HAVE to do on your own. I found you here the other day and had to take a picture.
The new house has a large covered porch which is nice since we are reaching 100 degrees daily. You love sidewalk chalk, the sprinkler, and the blow up pool that Mimi bought you. Your newest toy.. which you are still mastering, is your tricycle.

Your favorite show this month is Tangled... with all the traveling we have done lately you know it well. You yell at the evil mother every time she is on screen and you occasionally pat my head 3 times just like the evil character... What are you trying to tell me, child? Your dad and I love to hear your laughs and "oh no's" while you watch the movie. 

You are teething like crazy. You were a slow starter, but you have definitely caught up. Front teeth top and bottom, check!! I think we are working on molars right now... you poor thing. I let you bite my fingers while I am looking for the next tooth to break through. "Ouch! You bit me!"... You giggle so sweetly that I let you do it again, just to hear you laugh. The little teeth marks on my fingers are totally worth it. 

 You are picking up more words and are liking less foods. You no longer like strawberries, once a favorite. We often visit the splash pad and the local pool. Sometimes we even head to the lake. You love the beach, rocks and all! Most of all you love to swim and you don't mind your life jacket!

You are such a girl with you purse and cell phone. Both of which you picked out at the store and wouldn't leave without. 

You are still as sweet as ever, giving spontaneous kisses and hugging our legs. Sometimes, when it's a busy day and I don't realize my hair is disheveled and in my eyes, I pick you up, and you sweetley sweep it to the side and give me a little look that is filled with such warmth and love, I could seriously cry... and now that I am a mom that is not an unusual thing. I never knew someone so small could be so considerate. 

You are definitely a people person, as you always have been. Family and friends are no exception. You have no abandon as you wave and smile "hi!". I wish I could be as outgoing as you. I hope this will help you next month to make friends as you go into daycare. I am going back to work part time and hope that this transition will be an easy one. Then again you never cease to amaze me.  Love you, Noelle! Muahh!

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