September 14, 2011

Me A to Z

A. age :: twenty six

B. bed size :: king.

C. chore you hate :: cleaning the bathrooms

D. dogs :: none... allergic

E. essential start to your day :: morning snuggle time with my baby girl

F. favorite color :: coral and teal... and green (I love colors).

G. gold or silver :: hmmmm both!.

H. height :: five.feet.four, on a good day

I. instruments you play :: attempted violin, piano, and guitar 

J. job title :: mama, Speech-Language Technician, wife, sister, daughter.

K. kids :: Noelle

L. live :: St. George, Utah

M. maiden name :: Root

N. nicknames :: tater, george, smashley 

O. overnight hospital stays :: many visits, but only one overnight, when I had Noelle!

P. pet peeve :: When people cut in line 

Q. quote :: "I can do hard things."

R. righty or lefty :: right

S. siblings :: older sister, Tiffany, and younger sister, Jessica

T. time you wake up :: 6:30

U. university attended :: Utah State University and University of Utah

V. vegetables you dislike: string beans

W. what makes you run late :: everything and anything

X. x-rays you’ve had :: Does that include MRI's and Cat scans?... to many

Y. yummy food :: Baked goods and sushi

Z. zoo animal favorite :: elephants and zebras

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