September 5, 2011

Chris's B Day Weekend

Chris's Birthday Weekend! He turned the big 29. We headed up North to visit family and escape the heat. Chris's family had some fun filled days for us. 

Day 1: Pine View

 That evening we went to Chris's 10 year reunion. It was great to get a glimpse of who he was in high school.  He is still as friendly and likable as ever.

Day 2:  Snow Basin for an outdoor concert and party!

My sweet mother- in-law let me borrow all of her gear so Gary, my father-in-law, could take me for a ride on his harly. I am not sure if I am a "biker chick", but I do know that you can't beat a ride to snow basin in perfect weather... I could get used to this.

I do look a little awkward on that thing.... (scoff) rookie!

The fam at the outdoor concert.

Noelle taking Grandpa for a walk.

Both of their favorite pass-times.

 Birthday Party!!!
So handsome!!! and that old man is all mine. Look at all those candles.

The entire family turned out for the event. So wonderful! We spent the evening swapping Chris stories and roasting marshmallows. perfect!

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