April 8, 2011

After the Wedding (the rest of 07)

The Honeymoon started out at Hotel Park City. 
We had a complimentary upgrade and breakfast. It  was like our own personal cabin.
*While over breakfast we were over looking the golf course and who walks past our the window? My old boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. I hadn't seen him since the break-up 2 weeks before I started dating Chris. So, of course he was all to eager to come into the restaurant and meet the new hubby. Everything was very cordial, but I felt so incredibly awkward... What are the odds your ex would show up on the 1st day of the honeymoon? We still like to laugh about that story.   

After breakfast we hopped on a flight to San Diego.
Our resort was right next to Sea World. 
Neither of us had been in years, so we had a blast! 

 We saw the San Diego Zoo

The Pier

 We took the trolley tour all over the city. 

 We also spent time at the beach, boogie boarding. Cold, but fun!

After returning home, I went back to work as a english tutor/teacher at Wasatch High School. I finished moving my things into our 900 sq. ft. apartment, known around the neighborhood as the "love shack".  I was excited to start our lives in Heber City, Utah. Chris had grown up there so I knew he wouldn't have any problems adjusting. I just hoped that I could. 

Married life began and so did the usual family trips!

The 1st Annual Halloween Party

Shake 'n' bake

Winter Fun

1st Christmas 
*We had a limit for how much would could spend on each other for Christmas. Let's just say that I got spoiled that year. Chris has always been the better gift giver. I am just not that creative or sentimental. 

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