April 5, 2011

boy meets girl

boy meets...

When people ask how we met I always want to give the very very vague version and say "through friends", but I guess the truth is always more amusing. Chris and I met on a singles cruise to mexico while on spring break... Not really my style. At the time, we were living at different ends of the state. A year, an accident, and minus 6 teeth later, I ran into Chris again... Country Dancing. I promise I am not that kind of person! We remembered each other... I think me more than him (I thought he was super cute). He said "We should hang out" and I made sure we did. We went out and, well let's just say sparks definitely did NOT fly. After a few dates we realized we definitely had something in common. We loved to go, do, and have fun. So we did.

river rafting
Demolition Derby

After the dating games, we knew we were in love. Yep, we were totally those people who seriously dated for a few months (and when I say a few months, I mean a month) and got engaged. When you know, you know. That is all I have to say about that. 

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