April 17, 2011

Month 15

You are growing up so fast, as usual. I have to buy new pajamas weekly. You have as much personality as you have always had. We are now settled into our home in St. George and you are loving it. Not only do you constantly want to be on the "jump jump", but you have the undying attention of the senior citizens everywhere we go... especially Cafe Rio and the Rec Center pool. They are a sucker for your insatiable "Hi!" and cheesy grin. We are still waiting for you to go through the "Stranger Danger" phase, but nay you are more likely to stay in their arms than you are to stay in mine.
You still only have two teeth, although I claim anytime you are grumpy that you are teething. You must be working on some amazing pearly whites.  Micky Mouse Clubhouse is the show of choice and you can now spot Micky where ever we go. You love to read books and draw. We just bought you crayons... which you ate., so maybe we will try those a little later. You can point to all the correct facial features when asked. You especially like Nose and Eyebrows, so your dad and I are constantly having little Noelle fingers in are eyes and up our noses. You still love hiding places and dogs. You are currently perfecting your animal noises, arf!! moo!! rawrr!! quack!! Once a week we walk down the street to see the horses and cows. Sometimes we are lucky and get to see the horse trainer out with the horses. He always lets us pet them. You are still making friends in our new neighborhood, but you love to see little Oliver at church. I love when you help me with laundry and dishes. It's nice to have my little friend by my side. Dad and I love your voluntary hugs and kisses, and especially when you give little loving caresses to faces.  I can't wait to see what next month brings.

These are a Few of your Favorite Things

Playing near the river

Wearing Mommy's shoes

Petting the animals

Brushing your teeth... you remind us daily

Hiding in your fort.

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